Get to know Nas Alturas

Nas alturas is a Brazilian travel agency, reference in Adventure Tourism, focused on security, quality and sustainability since the beginning of its activities.

Our base is located in the city of Lençóis, the main access to Chapada Diamantina where we develop solo or group tours operated all over the National Park. We have all the structure that you need to have fun without needing to worry about anything else.

Our company director is Vanessa Almeida, who is native from Jacobina, one of the cities that forms the Chapada Diamantina region. Our main differential is great technical knowledge in all the activities that we offer. We have tested and performed the activities several times and know every detail of the products sold by us. This experience allows us to always serve all the customers in a personalized way, recommending activities that fits the needs of each one. Another highlight is the use of smart logistics to create our tours, reducing the amount of time spent in transfers and allowing more time to enjoy every attraction at most, besides always having in mind and investing in security in all our tours.

We invite you to experience unforgettable moments in Nature, to know our community, our flavors, our region´s history and culture, with excellence in services and high-quality standards.

A trip that will surprise your senses and stay in your memory!
We are the only company in Chapada Diamantina with ISO21101 certification.

Main services:

Why travel with us


Our customer service is made by specialists on the destination and that makes all the difference on the creation and organization of your trip. Our field team stands out for its knowledge and technical capacity and that´s why we are prepared to guarantee total satisfaction of our clients.


Nas Alturas is the only company of the region that has a security management system certified by ABNT ISO21101 and ISO 9001 implemented system.


Our tours are made in small groups and with all the structure included, so that you don´t have to worry about nothing else besides having fun. Our differentiated logistics allows you to enjoy every attraction with more time and in better hours.


On our work we focus on the income distribution between the different cities and suppliers of the region, giving priority to local labor and to the sustainable development of Chapada Diamantina.

We have been guiding people through Chapada Diamantina for 11 years and during this time we became reference in differentiated services, high quality standards and safety, always seeking for better results.
Because of our care about the environment we support projects that work towards Nature conservation and social development.
We are part of ABETA (Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism) and partners on their actions to promote the Ecotourism development in Brazil.


Activities in natural environments always offer risks and that´s why without safety measures adventure sports and tourism cannot be made.

The Brazilian Regulation was created with the purpose of attesting to the national and international market quality, safety and sustainability of the services offered by Brazilian companies and to help the client that is looking for these services to easily identify the best company for its needs. These norms indicate the best practices and what companies should do to meet the new requirements and orientations of the law.

The program Safety Adventure was created on a great conjunct action between the Ministry of Tourism and the National SEBRAE. This program is focused on orienting the companies to adopt risk management practices and companies best practices as a whole, guaranteeing that they would be prepared on the future to get the Inmetro certification (the most know quality certifying organism in Brazil).

Get to know the actions and projects that we support


This Project was developed to show the beauties of Chapada Diamantina for its own residents, natives of the region that never had access to the places visited by lots of tourist due to the costs with transport, food and entrance fees.

The first tour was in October 2010 with a group of 16 people. Because of the success of this first edition the First Adventure became a permanent program of the company, happening once a year. On the last years the project started to work in partnership with schools from the region.

For this project to happen we count on the support of our partners, Canto das Águas Hotel, Canto do Bosque and Vila Serrano Posadas, Lapa Doce and Pratinha Caverns, besides our whole team of guides, drivers and other volunteers involved.


One of the biggest problems of Lençóis city is the lack of adequate destination for the solid waste and our goal is to reduce and recycle the amount of waste produced by us and our clients. Besides taking care of our city we hope that these actions serve as an example to our visitors on their daily lives, reflecting on their behavior back on their own cities. The lack of correct waste destination is a problem all over the world and we believe that with small gestures we can help to change this reality.


In order to avoid the use of plastic bags that quickly turn into waste our company was a pioneer on the use of personalized paper packages, 100% made with recycled materials. After the use, every package is collected and send to two NGOs that we support:

  • Brava Gente NGO: they recycle our packages together with other materials from the office´s waste, making art and giving a new use for the things that would turn into garbage.
  • GAL (Environmentalist Group of Lençóis): they transform the packages into compost, serving as a natural fertilizer for the plants.

How can you help

  • You are already helping by the simple fact of visiting the region. Part of what you pay for the tours is directed to the local workers. You are generating sustainable tourism daily, from the local guide, to the person that prepares the snacks, to the native people who receives us on their homes during the trails.
  • Respect the nature generating minimum impact on the tours.
  • Choose to refill your water bottle to the next day instead of buying a new disposable PET every day.
  • If you wish you can contribute with the local NGOs with donations of any kind, including your old shoes, which will be given to the team of Professor Marcos Lima. He works with insertion of young people in sports through running competitions.
  • Spread this idea when you are back home. Practice sustainable actions on your daily life (with actions like recycling, separating and reducing your waste) and you will be an example for all the people around you.

Talk to us

Besides our suggested weekly tours, we also organize personalized tours for you and your group, based on your preferences and availability. Run away from the mass tourism and buy the quality of services from our team. Get in touch, consult us in case of any questions and plan your trip with comfort and safety.

Our team will be ready to answer you on the shortest amount of time.


Rua Ruy Barbosa, 90, Lençóis
Chapada Diamantina / Bahia / Brazil


(75) 3334-1054 / 99841-6419