Super trekking and Adventure Races

Those super intense activities are recommended for regular practitioners of physical activities, with disposition for long walks or runs on very rough terrains.

Walking through the crevices and huge natural walls from Chapada Diamantina are unforgettable experiences for all the participants.

Amongst our routes are the 3-day trekking of Fumaça Waterfall by its bottom, one of the greatest classics of the region. On this trekking we visit the waterfalls of Palmital and Capybara, the second biggest of Brazil, by its top and bottom. We also pass by the 2-day trekking to the Mixila Canyon and some of the less known routes as the waterfalls of Encantada, Herculano, Roncadeira and Invernada.

A little further from Lençóis we have the Barbado Peak and the Almas Sierra, on the region of Piatã and Contas River, amongst other less known options.

Trail running on the mountains is a new thing in Chapada Diamantina and Nas Alturas has prepared professionals to join you on these challenges, besides important equipment for your safety. The routes are defined according to the fit level and experience of each participant, varying in intensity.

For every route we offer the main camping and safety equipment, being required for the participant to fulfill the necessary requirements for practicing more demanding activities.

Get in touch with our specialized consultancy to know more.