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By Airplane – Azul Airlines operates between Salvador-Lençóis with two flights per week, on Thursdays and Sundays.

By BusReal Expresso operates between Salvador-Lençóis daily, with three departure times.

Salvador-Lençóis: 7:00, 13:00, 23:00 (departing from Salvador´s bus station)

Lençóis-Salvador: 7:30, 13:30, 23:30 (approximately R$ 65,00 each way / 6 to 7 hour trip: 420km)

By Car

Private Transfer – direct from the airport or your accommodation in Salvador to Lençóis. (420km, 6 hour trip).


Avoid filling your luggage with unnecessary items. Take note:


During the day: comfortable and light clothes to walk. Shorts, long pants (recommended for some trails), t-shirts.

At night: In winter the temperature can be a little colder and it worth bringing pants and a jacket.


For your adventure:

Backpack from 15 to 30 liters – ideal size for day tours.

Tennis or Hiking Boot – absolutely necessary. They are the most adequate to guarantee safety and comfort on your tours.

Bathing suit – also necessary. There are several opportunities of bathing in every tour. Also bring a life jacket in case you doesn´t know how to swim.

Towel – there are some trekking specific towels that dry fast and takes up little space on the backpack.

Rain Coat – necessary

Coat – Specially if you are doing an overnight on the trail. Sweatshirt or fleece are enough.

Sandals – to rest your feet after your adventure

Hat and sunscreen – Necessary for sun protection. At Chapada, even when it´s cloudy we recommend the use of sunscreen.

Camera – for you to register nice moments.

Water Bottle – Always have a water bottle on your daily backpack. The ideal is to drink 1,5 to 2 liters of liquid each day.

Insect repellent – Mosquitoes are not a big problem on the region, but some people have more allergies than others. Some places on the south of the Park have more incidence.

Medication kit – the guides carry first aid kits, but they are not doctors and cannot provide you any medicine. Bring with you basic medicine that you might need (headache, stomachache, anti-inflammatory). Always seek advice of your doctor.



Drink water – always keep hydrated during the tours and try to drink 2 liters of water per day.

Medical evaluation – If you don´t practice physical activity regularly, look for a doctor to make a physical evaluation. Respect your limits.

Pregnant women – It is one of the most important phases of life so we suggest avoiding the most intense physical activities and doing more light activities.

Medical information – Always inform all the personal information requested on the Registration Form. That way we can inform our team and guarantee your safety on the tours. Allergies, food restrictions, medications taken regularly, physical challenges, recent surgery and any detail that might became a problem during your adventure.


The cities and villages of Chapada Diamantina offer excellent accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. From simple and cozy to more refined posadas and great hotels. On most of the business the owners are always present, guaranteeing the good service to their guests. But here is a tip, decide your route in advance before booking accommodation. As there are many options of tours you might need to stay on different cities and villages of the region.


The only bank option on the region is Banco do Brasil. There are also ATMs from Bradesco Bank on a small shop on the center and Caixa Econômica Bank, on the lottery house, both working only in business hours (what might disturb your tour).

Most of the business (posadas, hotels, restaurants, tour agencies, gas stations) accept credit and debit cards. Smaller business, mainly related to food and entrance fees on the tours only accept money.



The climate on the region is mostly warm and humid during the day. At nights the temperature falls, and we have a more pleasant weather. In some period of the year it is common to be cloudy in the morning, but the sun appears and gets strong during the day. That´s why it´s important to always bring sun protection during the tours.

Even on the rainy periods the climate keeps stable during the day, raining mostly at night and in the morning. It is rare to have a tour cancellation due to bad weather. Instead, the waterfalls and rivers get fuller, making the sites even more beautiful. On the period with low rain, usually the last months of the year, the weather also doesn’t pose any problem for the tourism on the region.



On the tours the food options vary according to the route of the day. In some cases there are regional lunches and, on the trail routes a complete and balanced snack to endure the day.

At night the visitor can enjoy the rich and diverse gastronomic offers of Lençóis, from typical food to international cuisine, all with high quality.



The cities and villages of Chapada are safe for the visitors. Forget the big city problems.



The electricity on the region is 220V. Nowadays most of the batteries from rechargeable day to day electronics are bivolt but remember to check before using.

See some of the frequently asked questions

What happens to my luggage when I go to Pati Valley or other cities on the itinerant routes?

On the case of Pati Valley you must bring your trail backpack with only the items needed for the days you will stay on the valley. In case you are travelling with more things than you will need for these days we offer some space at our agency to keep them until the end of your route. On the case of itinerant routes, the car that will do the transfer to the attractions will also take your luggage to the other cities where the group will spend the night.

Which banks are in the region?

At Lençóis there is an agency of Banco do Brasil, a postal bank from Bradesco and a Lottery house (who allows withdrawals from Caixa Econômica Federal). There are no 24hour ATM on the region.

Is it recommended to book accommodation before or after defining the route?

The region of Chapada Diamantina National Park is quite wide and to visit the main attractions the ideal is to sleep in other cities and villages besides Lençóis, such as Vale do Capão, Mucugê, Igatu, Ibicoara and Rio de Contas. We recommend that you decide on the route before or together with the accommodation bookings, so you will be more available for longer transfers.

What is the difference between the companies since the tours are the same?

  • Quality standard offered on the services
  • Quality of the team
  • Emergency Care Plan for our tours
  • Knowledge of the products to organize the best logistics to know Chapada at most using the amount of time available by the client
  • Security Management System certified by Inmetro ABNT
  • Involvement in actions that promote the sustainability of the destination.

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