Pati Valley Trekking 5 Days and 4 nights

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Reception in Lençóis (airport or bus station).

Overnight in Lençóis


Early departure and transfer to the village of Guiné, where we will start our walk along Aleixo towards the view from above of Cachoeirão, one of the biggest attractions of Pati. We will cross the Rio Preto valleys until we reach the impressive 300m canyon with several waterfalls, reaching almost 20 in the rainy season. Stop for lunch and bath, ending the trail inside the Pati Valley, at the house of the first resident where we will spend the night.

Food – All meals Included

Walk: 20 km. There is a climb at the beginning of the walk, but most of the way is flat until Cachoeirão. The group can enjoy the close view of the canyon, in the security area informed by the guide.

Bathing: There is a good well for bathing and snacking, just before the waterfall, but it can dry up at certain times of the year.

Car: 80km

Overnight in Vale do Pati


After breakfast, the trail follows the bed of the Funis River, passing by incredible waterfalls, until the Funis waterfall. After a stop for a bath and a snack, We hike up Serra da Lapinha, to visit Gruta do Castelo, a huge quartzite cave located at the top. It is possible to cross it and enjoy the view across the valley. End of the hike after descending the trail.

Food – All meals Included

Walk: 15 km. The first stretch (6km) is all along the Funis River. There are slippery rocks, you have to cross the river a few times and you may have to step in the water, depending on the river level. The second stretch is a steep climb trail to Gruta do Castelo, at the top of the Serra. In the last stretches of the trail, there is a need to use your hands to help you climb. In general, groups take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the summit, a journey of almost 3 km. In the event of heavy rain, or consecutive days of rain, the visit to the Castle should be avoided, considering the difficulty of walking on the wet stones at the top, and the muddy trail, which is very slippery on the way down. A very technical trail that requires double attention.

Cave: At the top of the mountain, a short crossing in a wide path of 300m and flashlights are necessary if the guide decides to cross with the group (according to the profile of the participants). After leaving the cave, at the lookout point, there is an exposure to heights and walking under stones, with the need to use your hands to help. It is very important that all individual equipment (coat, machine, water, flashlight, medication, repellent, sunscreen, raincoat) are inside the backpack and hands free throughout the hike.

Overnight in Vale do Pati


We start the longest day of walking towards “Bomba” in Vale do Capão. The beginning of the trail goes up the Rampa, steeper and more difficult, but then continues on a long flat stretch through the Gerais do Rio Preto and then the Gerais do Vieira, bordering the Serra da Moitinha with the incredible view of the Capão valley. Stop for lunch at the Mirante, enjoying the view of Serra da Lapinha and Morro do Pati, before the descent that we have to finish the trail, arriving at Vale do Capão. Transfer to Lençóis.

All meals included (except dinner at Lençóis)

Hike: 24 km with long stretches that are flat in general, two ascents, one at the beginning, which is more difficult, and a second one in the middle of the journey, which is easier. The trail is well exposed to the sun and can experience unexpected weather changes. It is ideal to walk in pants and a long-sleeved shirt, suitable for trekking (lightweight and quick-drying fabrics).

Car: 5 km to the village of Capão and 75 km to Lençóis

Overnight in Lençóis

5th day: RETURN

Transfer to the Lençóis Airport / or Bus Station

Overnight in Lençóis


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